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Take maternity photos

maternity photography

Photo taken at Corgan Ville in Simi Valley,CA

I have a confession: I kick myself for not taking professional maternity or new born photos of me and my kids. ugh, you have no idea how much I regret not doing it. I will never get those days back. And now I create these beautiful images for families to have forever.

Right now, I’m editing a session I did for a friend and I was thinking to myself gawd I’m giving them beautiful photos and I have nothing but a picture on my cell phone. And don’t get me wrong there’s a time and place for cell phone photos. But not for special life moments. Not to mention you can’t hang a cell phone photo on your wall. And once you get to understand photography, my camera’s got nothing on a cell phone. I almost hate my cell phone now.

A lot of times we don’t want maternity photos done or any type of photo for that matter because most often I hear “I feel fat”. Little did I know that there’s these beautiful dresses that you can wear for your maternity session that I think would make anyone feel absolutly beautiful. Get your hair and make up done, buy or rent that beautiful dress. You are beautiful and you will never get tomorrow back.

And once you get your photos taken professionally, HANG THEM UP ON YOUR WALLS!!!! ┬áDon’t leave them on your computer just taking up space, waiting for your hard drive to fail and you lose all your memories. Or through that disk in your drawer to have it damaged and no good. Print that picture! Hand it down to your family as you get older. When you use my professional printer, their canvases last. If you buy a cheap one like my mom did long ago, it won’t last. I don’t know if she still has my senior picture because the canvas got all cracked, like hard mud dried. But if she does I promise to share it one day because it’s only about 12 years old.


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